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Monitor folders - automatically print PDF files according to individual rules

Automatic PDF Processor

Automatic PDF Processor lets you print PDF files automatically. To do this, define one or more folders. Automatic PDF Processor monitors the specified folders and sends all PDF files that meet the previously defined criteria to the respective printer as soon as they are detected. For each profile, you can define individual settings for the print output. For example, you can print PDF documents on various printers or in varying quality. The program allows you to create any number of profiles.

You can also use the program to batch print PDF files when needed. Just add a shortcut to the watched folder in the Send To context menu and then you can mark as many PDF files as you want and send them to the print folder. The filename determines the order in which the documents are printed. You can also combine the printing process with a subsequent moving of the printed PDF document to a subfolder Processed or similar.

Note: You can also print all PDF files from a folder, including sub-folders. In this case, the option Including Sub-folders must be activated in the profile settings for the monitored folder, and the monitored folder must be added to the list in Options -> Other. Afterward, you can print a folder with subfolders in the background by right-clicking on it and selecting -> Send To -> PDF Printer.

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Monitor any number of folders

Examine incoming PDF files and apply individual rules

Apply optional

Narrow down PDF files to be printed using flexible filters, e.g., name or content

Auto-print PDF

Send specific PDF documents directly to the printer (e.g., invoices or quotations)

Optional further processing

Perform subsequent tasks, e.g., run a program with the filename of the PDF file passed as parameter

With Automatic PDF Processor, you can (among other things):

  • Always print certain PDF documents automatically
  • Create individual profiles for different print settings
  • Monitor any number of folders
  • Filter by document text, file date, attachment name or number, title ...
  • Optionally print only specific pages of PDF files automatically (e.g., print only the first or last page of a PDF document)
  • Print encrypted or password-protected PDF files
  • Print PDF documents downscaled or upscaled
  • Print multiple PDF files simultaneously (even on different printers)
  • Process all PDF files of a folder (with user-defined filter criteria) subsequently
  • Regularly generate an Excel report with an overview and detailed information and optionally have it sent to you
  • Limit automatic printing of PDF files to specific days and times, e.g., to process PDF files only during office hours
  • Perform additional actions, e.g., move the printed file afterward
  • Receive information about various processing statuses by email

Creating a profile for automated printing

Automatic PDF Processor - print settings
  1. Click New Profile and give the profile a suitable name.
  2. Add a folder in the Monitored Folders category.
  3. Select the task type Print File and set the task status to Active.

Now only optional print settings remain. You can change the preselected printer, the paper tray, or, for example, the number of copies. In addition, the printout can be upscaled or downscaled using the Size menu, for example, for label printers or other special printers.

Creating a profile for printing multiple PDF files at once

Automatic PDF Processor - PDF printer

You must have already created a profile for configuring printing using Send To. Open Windows Explorer, type shell:sendto in the address bar, and press ENTER to open the SentTo folder. Drag the monitored folder into the SentTo folder while holding down the ALT key to create a shortcut there. The shortcut should be renamed afterward, for example, to PDF Printer. You can now select several PDF files and select Send To -> PDF Printer from the context menu. The selected files will then be printed in the background (sorted by name).

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