Configuration of a basic CSV mapping

Tutorial - use a part of the message text for naming files and folders

Hints and tools

Using a part of the message text for the folder or file name is possible via a regular expression (regex) - i.e., a pattern identification via character classes such as digit, capital letter, etc. It is best to use a special editor like Regex 101 for creating the regex. Automatic Email Processor uses .NET compatible regular expressions.

Regex - hints and tools

Regex result - specifics

Usually, the regex should return only one match. Multiple matches will result in multiple filing locations. This may be desirable in some cases, such as multiple filings related to multiple case references. The individual groups of the regex match can be referenced with back references. For example, $1 stands for the first group or the determined content between the first opening and the first closing round bracket, $2 for the second group, etc. To check the result, you should adjust the values used for the preview, i.e., enter an appropriate sample message text. Otherwise, only an error message will be displayed instead of the expected path preview.

Specifics of the regex result
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