Trim lines online

This online tool serves to remove certain spaces from all lines of a text. Lines can either be trimmed respectively cropped, i.e. depending on the setting, spaces are either removed at the beginning and end of a line, or only deleted at the beginning or end of the line. Optionally, you can also remove tabs from the beginning or end of lines. Multiple spaces in a row can be shrunk to one occurrence. You can also remove spaces that appear before or after a certain text.

Trim lines / remove spaces

Text to be adjusted:

Remove the following spaces:

Apply to the following characters:

Text with removed spaces:

Instructions for using the tool

First, enter the text you want to adjust in the input field. The next step is to specify whether spaces are to be removed at the beginning, end or within certain places of all lines. Then select which of the spaces should be removed: spaces, tabs, or both. The option "Also apply to mixed space characters" allows you to remove for example all space characters from leading spaces (whitespace) that also contains tabs, so that only the tabs remain. Finally, click the button labeled "Remove spaces" to start the process.

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