Individual software / Custom programming

If a standard software does not meet your requirements, because important functions are missing or the handling is too complicated, we can provide you with the programming of an individual software tailored to your needs. Our focus is on the creation of software applications to support the further processing of files, for example by monitoring a folder for changes. In addition, we offer you the extension of the functionality of our products according to your individual requirements.

Further key areas:

  • Extract data (e. g. from PDF files)
  • Transformation of text-based files
  • Office automation (in particular Outlook and Word)
  • and much more

We offer you:

  • Development of custom software
    starting from €240.00
  • Extension of our products (expedited implementation of special functionality)
    starting from €120.00

If you are interested in our services in the field of order programming, please contact us via our contact form or directly at

  • All prices are net prices. In some countries we may not have to charge taxes.