Perform replacements in many Word files at once

Word Text Replacer

Word Text Replacer enables you to comfortable perform text substitutions in multiple Word files at once. For example, an address, phone number or the like can thus be replaced in an already extensive portfolio of Word documents. Another frequently occurring use case is updating links or references to embedded documents. The section in which a replacement is to be made may be limited in order to adjust, for example, text only in the header or footer. By using the filter, you can also narrow down the type of document and the date of last modification. The settings can be saved for repeated use as a profile.

Batch processing of Word files

Find and Replace in thousands of Word documents at once

Filter options

Narrow down the documents to be edited

Flexibly edit sections

Apply various substitution lists to different sections

Undo changes

Restore the original documents by using the integrated backup

Overview of functions and features:

  • Updating outdated data in thousands of Word documents at one go
  • Filter documents by file type and last modified date
  • Support of the following file types: docx, docm, dotx, dotm, doc, dot, htm, html, rtf, mht, mhtml, xml, odt, pdf
  • The sections to be edited within a Word document can be narrowed down exactly
  • Previous optional analysis shows a preview of the result or potential problems
  • Import lists of replacement pairs from CSV files
  • Replace text in forms, text fields, other fields, selection lists, bookmarks, links, hyperlinks
  • Find and replace text in VBA source codes, comments, document properties (integrated and user-defined)
  • Processing of password-protected Word documents or areas
  • Optional parameters for the search, for example, case-sensitivity etc. (identical to the options offered by Word)
  • Import file lists with Word documents intended to update
  • Optional editing of read-only or read-only-recommended files
  • Changes made can be undone through the integrated ZIP backup
  • All settings can be saved as a profile for reuse